102: Bravo Live DJ and Lighting Extravaganza – Peace of Mind… Every Time

“In this area, I’ve always said it. If you’re good at something and you can build the value on what you do- people will pay you for your service.”

Started in 2004, Joshua Ruby started BRAVO~Live DJ and Lighting Extravaganza. The name came easy for him- Bravo being a part of his military background, with him coming from the 91 Bravo Company. Josh has a long work history ranging from a general manager of a furniture store to a branch manager of Labor Ready out of Huntington. He didn’t make the leap work full time as a DJ until a few years later.

The key to finding great people is the passion they have for DJ-ing. You can create and build a persona, but the actual passion for the work you can’t teach and the willingness to get better. The crew that is with BRAVO~Live DJ has been with them for multiple years. Their experience makes a difference in the client experience, allowing them to sell a definite “peace of mind” for the event. Coordinators love them because they make their job easier. In the beginning, networking was a major factor and never stopping on the business. They did small events like ballgames and birthday parties, but they were always building connections and their business.

“Spend as much time working on the business as you work in the business. Never rest on your laurels.”

When Josh finally decided to make the leap into doing this full time, he made more in that year doing BRAVO~Live DJ, than he did at his previous job and this job part time. BRAVO~Live DJ has grown from a team of just Josh to a team of 8 highly talented wedding and event DJs and current are working over 200 events every year in Appalachia. They offer packages lasting 5-6 hours, and can include different locations and lightings. They can work within many budgets, including offering newly trained DJs at a lower rate while still provide an amazing experience! You can listen to more on how they got their start on the latest episode of Appalachian Startup!

“A rising tide raises all ships.” – Company Motto