101: Hillbilly Hot Dogs – Celebrating 19 Years of Love and Weenies

Hillbilly Hot Dogs is a well-known establishment not only throughout West Virginia, but throughout the world. Guy Fieri visited the hot dog joint in the past, and it has even made Food Network’s Top Places to Eat. They have found great success in the West Virginia hills, so it only made sense to dive in and figure out what makes them so successful.

“Having the passion for anything- I don’t care what it is.

You live and breathe it, own it, know it… breathe it.” – Sharie Knight

It’s a key to their success- passion. Sonny and Sharie, a couple who is still wildly in love with one another, created Hillbilly Hot Dogs in September 1999, where they built a 12×15 on the building where Sonny, a West Virginia hillbilly himself, grew up. It is nestled on the riverbank of the Ohio River, in Lesage, WV. Sharie herself isn’t a West Virginia native, she’s a city girl from California. Regardless of where they are from, you can’t ignore their down-home charm.

The pair followed their dreams to open this hot dog stand and proved all the nay-sayers wrong by having great passion and belief in their business plans and each other. They have grown by adding two school buses where you can sit and chow down on their delicious menu. Lots of names are written on the bus walls. People will always sit and say “my name is on here somewhere”. They want you to leave happy when you come there, so try something different! If you’re adventurous enough, try their coveted “Homewrecker”.

It’s 15 inches of pure eatin’ pleasure!

Jalapeños, sautéed, peppers and onions, nacho cheese, habanero, chili sauce, mustard, slaw, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese, piled high on a 15-inch, 1-pound all beef weenie in a big ‘ol bun! If you can eat this massively loaded hot dog in under 12 minutes, you get a free homewrecker t-shirt. The current record holder has eaten the hot dog in 2 minutes and 34 seconds. Alongside the homewrecker, they have other gourmet hot dogs, burgers, and salads.

It’s incredible to see the reviews for this place. On Yelp alone at the time of this writing, Hillbilly Hot Dogs has 221 reviews and the place sits at a comfortable 4 1⁄2 stars. The place is so popular, even Bethesda Studios referenced the place in their West Virginia based game Fallout 76

They even added the boat on top of the bus!

They also have their own “Weenie Song!”

Sonny’s the Weenie Man

He owns a weenie stand

He sells the best weenies around

Ding Ding Ding

Sharie’s his Weenie Wife

She adds the spice that’s right

Hillbilly Hot Dogs day or night

Ding Ding Ding


Next time you’re in the area, or visiting Huntington, check them out! Everyone should at least try them once, the passion they have for their business, each other, and customer service is unparalleled and definitely why we think they were perfect for our podcast. Visit their website, check them out on their Facebook. Looking for a place to have your wedding or vows renewed? They do Weenie Weddin’s down at the Hillbilly Hot Dogs’ Weenie Weddin’ Chapel.

And if you have an idea for someone who would be a perfect fit for our podcast, let us know! Send us a message on our Facebook. We want to hear your story as a growing entrepreneur. You can learn more about Hillbilly Hot Dogs by visiting their website or on a variety of other social media websites and platforms by selecting one of the below links.