117: Filmanatix – Creatives in Charleston

Filmanatix Blog Photo

After a short hiatus, we’re back with new episodes! And what better to kick off a series of new releases than getting to sit down and talk shop with fellow Mountain State filmmakers Benjamin Mason and Caleb Akers about their production company Filmanatix?

Filmanatix Blog Photo
Photos Courtesy of Filmanatix

When Benjamin and Caleb talk about their work, it’s clear that passion is what drives them. From a young age these Appalachian creatives have had cameras in their hands. Benjamin and Caleb grew up as friends and would make short films together, but it wasn’t until they grew up that they figured out they could turn their passion into a career. We loved getting to sit down with them about the ins and outs of filmmaking, experimenting with techniques and what drives the creative process, and taking the leap from quitting a day job to being full-time entrepreneurs.

What started as two kids with a dream has turned into a company with nine full time team members. Filmanatix has made videos for a variety of clients across Appalachia and also offers services in photography, strategy, and social media management. You can learn more about them on social media or Give this episode a listen, and stay tuned for more from Underdogs on the Rise.