113: SignARC – Sign Making in the Hills

Matthew Helms has been in business since 2003, and hasn’t had a bad review yet. They definitely don’t plan on starting with the next customer.

SignARC was our latest guest on Appalachian Startup. They have graced us with some awesome work done for our own building at JJN Multimedia, and we were excited to sit down and talk with Matthew Helms, the owner of SignARC, after they installed our indoor signs.

If you asked a young Matthew, from Charlotte, NC, if he would be making signs as his future, he would laugh. He started work in a pizza shop at the young age of 14, quickly realizing that the restaurant business was not for him. On his lunch breaks, he would socialize with the local sign making business next door. After leaving the restaurant industry, he was looking for work literally anywhere, and was scooped up by that same business.

SignARC Sign Example

There, he learned all about the sign business. He was quickly promoted to production manager where he oversaw the installations and making sure the jobs were getting finished. He came in ownership of a lot of sign making equipment himself, so on the side he began his own personal sign making journey. His wife would go out and get business for him, so when he would come home from work, he could begin on his own orders. He made the leap to his own sign making business, “Custom Sign Works”. (Which was pretty quickly changed with the coming of the Internet.)

They rebranded to SignARC, one of the only “.com” sign website addresses they could find. The ARC stands for “Advertising Resource Company” which perfectly describes them and gives them their own personal identity. There were thousands of people doing the same business as he did in Charlotte, so he made the move to Beckley, WV to open a location. He worked closely with a ministry to help support local residents here in West Virginia, and greatly enjoyed the Appalachian hospitality that came with it.

SignARC Vehicle Wrap Example

He is a true believer in custom service, especially here in West Virginia. Appalachians pride themselves on respecting one another, so Matthew made sure that every phone call was answered and every customer was addressed with the utmost respect. They work with customers on making their ideas come to life from simple yard signs, to illuminated letter signs, to car wraps. The process is simple and easy, so that any one of their team members can help out with pricing and figuring out the right product.

Matthew Helms has mentioned it a few times with the sign industry, he has noticed a trend of a late response. He is a firm believer in “Get it done when you say you’re going to get it done.” That’s what the customers here in Appalachia want most, respect, promptness, and a little help to get their dreams a reality. Definitely contact them if you need any advertisement print work, you won’t be dissatisfied and he will make sure of it.